Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vince Del Monte works out

The mid twenties is the ideal time in your life to get it together. This the time to figure out what you need to be doing in your life, how to get there. A lot of people tell Vince Del Monte that they’re not happy with their lives at 25. He says that someone who isn’t happy with their lives need to step back, find a mentor, set a goal, stop clubbing, chasing girls, living a dead end lifestyle. 

Vince says he doesn’t care if everyone else is more articulate, better fitness wise, better in their career, better in their relationships, and so on—this situation only improves him and that’s what he wants.
In the morning he eats very healthy. He has his shakes, his creatine, his probiotics, lots of veggies, ground beef, flank steaks, mushroom, sprouts, five meals a day. He is on top of it. He does cardio at any time of day, in any weather. A running coach once said there is no bad weather for cardio, only bad clothes.

Then he takes us to meet his secret weapon, Eric Seifert, who helps him find out where he needs to focus tension in his body in order to optimize his workouts. In the 43 ranges of body muscles areas, he is focused on evening the focus of the energy out on the body. When he’s working out he is learning to train all areas equally, instead of just focusing on workouts just on certain muscle areas where we believed our muscles could develop better than they could before.

Now Vince is able to focus the training into those areas, he wasn’t able to focus on getting the tension directed into the muscles he wants to build. This should allow him to have a more even workout as previously he had developed his chest more than his arms. Find out more exciting information here

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